My books:

1. Det er bare å lukke øya» an antology, collection of short stories for youth. Cappelen.
2. Ikke helt alene. Magikon. Published in Norway, India, Sweden, Holland and South Korea.
3. Nesa til onkel Knut. Magikon. Published in Norway. Illustrated by Ragnar Aalbu. 
4. Jeg er jo her/I am right here. Magikon. Published in Norway, Denmark, South Korea, China, Egypt, Iran and USA. 
5. Hvem er Wilhelm. Magikon. Published in Norway, South Korea, China. All books illustrated by Akin Düzakin.
6. Tankene lager ingen lyder. Magikon. A short story published in Desember 2013. For youth and people interested in and working with children. The book is illustrated by Ana Ventura (Portugal).
7. Hvorfor er jeg her?/ Why am I here?  Magikon. Illustration Akin Duzakin. Sold: South Korea, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Turkey and Macedonia. 
8. Jeg kan følge deg hjem. Omnipax 2015. Illus, Akin Duzakin. White Ravens 2016
9. Båndtvang, Teatertekst, Det Åpne Teatret 2009
10.Hva er det pappa, Omnipax. Illustratør Hilde Hodnefjell. 2016

11. Fargene som Forsvant Ena forlag 2017. Coming soon in the USA and South Korea


About ME

Author and freelance journalist

Constance Productions

NBI The Norwegian Institute of Children`s Books.

Constance Ørbeck-Nilssen is a Norwegian children’s book author who studied journalism, pedagogy, literature and art history, and worked as a journalist and teacher. 

«I always loved writing and telling stories, but my passion transformed into a career after attending  the authors school at Aschehoug with Merete Morken Andersen.
I have been an author since 2004. 
The main interest has been to uncover and explore the communication between children and adults through existential questions.
It is the child's intuitive understanding and wonder of existence that is the source of my inspiration. My books are published in 15 countries.

Special mentions at Bologna Children`s book fair, April 2015.
White Ravens 2015:
A Selection of International Children's and Youth Literature:
These questions in this book race through a youngster’s mind as he imagines sailing in a little boat to an unfamiliar place. Coloured-pencil drawings with delicate water-colouring show the boy in the boat – in the thick of things, but still just an observer, keeping his distance. Only rarely does he interact with other people in his imaginings. The typography of the text echoes this isolation with few words appearing on each white page. This lends a weight to the text that is taken up by the reticent, suggestive pictures. The interplay of text and image make this book into a little jewel; it connects vast philosophical questions with sociopolitical realities without becoming overloaded.